36 Twitter accounts you just have to follow.



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Twitter can be a powerful and wonderful tool. While not all of us might have jumped on board straight away, the first 140 characters were actually tweeted 10 years ago. Yes really, the social platform has been around for a whole decade now!

It can educate you, help enlighten you, make you laugh, and pretty much just keep you in-the-know. But you have to follow the right people/accounts. Otherwise, your Twitter feed can easily fill up with boring, useless tweets, and then before you know it, you're never checking Twitter and not taking advantage of its power.

In an attempt to help get you on the right track, Pocket-lint has rounded up a list of influential, famous, and entertaining accounts to follow on Twitter right now. Some of them are notable politicians, like President Obama, who also happens to be one of the most followed on Twitter, while others are celebrities, parody accounts, etc.

Keep in mind this isn't a complete list. We're just trying to get you started. If you follow all of these accounts, we can guarantee that you'll be filled in on all the latest news as well as the most random news. And in between all that news, you just might giggle or be amazed or inspired. After all, that's what Twitter is really about.

Let us know in the comments if you think someone else should totally be included, and we'll consider adding it to the gallery above. Also, come back in the future, as we plan to update regularly with more must-follow accounts.

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