5 Tips To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day.

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    We all want stunning lips but making lipstick last all day can be a challenge. Long-lasting formulas may stay on a little longer but even they don’t always deliver as promised.

    Regardless of the formula you chose, here are five tips to get your favourite colour to last all-day!

    Your lipstick will last a lot longer if your lips are soft, smooth and flake-free. In the morning, use a moist washcloth to exfoliate — this totally does the trick — and before going to sleep, try a little lip scrub.

    After exfoliating your lips, apply a thin layer of a non-greasy balm. I recommend that you go with a wax-based formula as anything with an oilier formula will make it difficult to apply an even layer of lipstick.

    Many underestimate the importance of this step but a good primer can turn any lipstick formula into a very long-lasting one. I like to go over my lips gently with my beauty blender (the same one I used to apply foundation) before applying my lip primer. Allow you lip primer to sit and dry a little bit so it becomes a little tacky and the product adheres a lot better.

    Lining your lips is another must-do if you want your lip color to last all day. It’ll create a barrier and prevent the product from feathering out. I have a few colored lip liners that I use with some of my favorite lipsticks, but don’t worry if you can’t find a perfect match — try “clear” liners instead as they work with every lip colour!

    Clean up
    If you’re left with less-than-perfect lips at the end, not to worry, it’s nothing a little concealer can’t tidy up. Thinner concealer formulas definitely work better for this. For precision and sharp lines, use a small flat angled brush to clean up the edges.

    Set (optional)
    If you love the look or longevity of matte formulas, here’s a trick for you. To prevent lipsticks from fading and feathering out, especially non-matte velvety formulas, place a thin tissue gently against your lips. Then, lightly dust a small amount of translucent powder onto the lips, doing so through the tissue. This will set your lipstick and make it last all day.

    Of course, it isn’t every day that I take all these steps, but it’s definitely something that’s a must for me whenever I have a very long day planned ahead or for special occasions.

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