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    In the search for electronic products and its related devices, most people are usually biased on what exactly to expect from such electronic companies.

    People rank such products based on its convenience, efficiency, and popularity in market, but the BCIS is one who holds lot and lots of effective features than what is expected in the market.

    They provide aesthetics of any installation, accuracy, compatibility, technological innovation and responsiveness. There is only one in a million companies that could comfortably reach you with this.

    So, the BCIS reader solutions enable a broad scope of applications powered by secure contactless technology, providing Information Technology Services to clients, who are mainly oil and energy related.

    They are specifically designed to enhance the security, convenience and aesthetics of any installation.
    BCIS provides total support for individuals and organizations in the areas of:
    • personal computer procurement
    • maintenance of personal computer hardware and peripherals
    • software development
    • trainings on software applications
    • Identification and Access Control Solutions (ACS)
    • Assets and Perimeter security surveillance (CCTV)
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    • Wireless Data Communication (WDC)
    • Computer Aided Designs (CAD)
    • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • Document Image Processing and Multimedia Integration
    • Video Conferencing
    • Leasing/Rental of computer hardware and others
    All these carried out in a dynamic information technology environment.


    • Lamination modules
    • Prime smart card: this particular application is limitless, depending on one’s imagination which is used for both security and Identification.
    • Debit card: The card could be used with merchants as a debit card with specified amount prepaid by the customer, and each time he makes a purchase.
    • Stock card: This card could be used for maintaining stocks and inventories. If there be issues in the information on the system, you can always refer to the card as a backup.
    • Time and attendance: we provide Software for your Time and Attendance solution for monitoring of your employees and visitors which are tied to security and Human resource solutions.
    • printer: We provide The new FARGO® HDP8500/ HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver from HID Global integrates seamlessly with the HDP8500 printer/encoder and lamination modules, enabling increased credential.

    Office Locations
    • Plot 14, Old Aba Road, off PH/Aba Express Road, by Rumukwurushi junction, near Shell R/A Port Harcourt
    • 5A Serike Aro Close, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.
    Phone lines: (+234) 802 2914254, (+234) 806 8752225.
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