Californian Actor Slaughter Friends To Fund Wedding

Discussion in 'Career' started by Puah Omotueme, Sep 25, 2017.

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    A bankrupt actor who murdered two of his friends and cut into pieces one of them as part of a plan to steal money and pay for his wedding and honeymoon has been sentenced to death.

    Daniel Patrick Wozniak, 32, will be put-to death for the slaying of Afghanistan war veteran Samuel Herr and Julie Kibuishi in the Southern part of California, in 2010.

    Orange County Superior Court Judge, John Conley followed the recommendation given by the board of judges, saying that he should be executed following the horrible deaths and his attempted cover-up.

    Jurors had convicted Wozniak of the murders in December. A month later, a jury told prosecutors he needed to face capital punishment.

    “This defendant refused neither to get married inexpensively at the cost of two human lives nor to defer his honeymoon” the court Judge, Conley said.

    “He tried doing it in style, as was willing to slay two people he knows to accomplish his act.” He added.

    Wozniak was in sever debt in 2010 when he shot a neighbor, Herr of Costa Mesa, so as to steal $50, 000 which the army veteran had saved from his service in Afghanistan, the prosecutor said.

    Victims: Samuel Herr and Julie Kibuishi.

    Wozniak the guilt had then used a ruse to kill Herr’s friend, Julie Kibuishi and yet tried to make it seem as if Herr raped and killed her as he fled. The prosecutors said.

    He abandoned the slaughtered bodies of Herr in the park.

    His plans were exposed as Wozniak was arrested some days later.

    Conley revisited many of the case horrible details before the sentencing.

    On Friday, the Judge said in his exact words “Suffice it to say that even his defense attorney was restricted to calling it ‘horrible, terrible and horrific”.

    Although, the likelihood that Wozniak will be put to death anytime soon is slim, because of challenges over the California’s death penalty.

    No one has been put to death since 2006, despite the fact that there are 750 inmates on the death row of San Quentin where is currently headed.

    While some of his son’s fellow veterans of Afghanistan stood by his side, the father of Herr, Steve Herr said on Friday in court, that it is unfortunate the execution would not come immediately.

    Daily mail.
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