Crack Edges Of Junks

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    JUNK 1.

    “All meals are junk” were the words of Dr. Mariana Okam, a dietician of the Elphy hospital,Ojo Lagos. In confidence did her a Romanian with a Nigerian nationality whom has been into the practice of dietary in Nigeria for 35yrs, shed lights on the EFFECTS OF JUNK IN THE HUMAN HEALTH.

    Her mild and humble nature is one least expected from her kind; despite the fact that her husband is the managing director of the hospital, she took her time to explain in details the essence of healthy diet, asking visitors to wait at the reception until she was through with our interview session.

    Been a graduate from the University of Romania in the department of pharmacy, faculty of medicine, Dr.Okam laid lots of emphasis on the fact that everyone ought to be careful at what he/she eats, because what we eat really affects us.

    QUESTION: what will you refer to as ‘junk food’?

    ANSWER: everything we as human beings take are junk, but the general understanding people have about junk foods are meals with preservative contents, trying to give its sweetening to the meal and help the meal last longer without spoilage. Examples of such meals are industrial drinks, sausage rolls, cookies, noodles, bread, etc.

    QUESTION: Dr, what are some examples of the preservatives in the meals listed above and what are the effects they have on the human health?


    ANSWER: Preservatives as Saccharine, Nutrasweet, Aspertame are small quantities of poisons which alter the brain from proper functioning. Each of these preservatives above contains a very high level of fructose corn syrup which fastens the damage of body cells. A list of chronic diseases could be developed from the consumption of aspartame;

    Refined sugar could also lead to weight gain, cancer, fatigue, obesity, arthritis, etc. So, it is best to use natural sugar; Sugarcane, honey etc.

    Monosodium glutamate is used to flavour food as infant meals; candy, low-fat-milk, chewing gum, etc which could cause obesity, nausea, weakness, difficulty in breathing etc.

    Phosphorous acids are also harmful on the human health as preservatives on drinks. They are used in farms as antioxidant bacteria.

    Sodium nitrates and nitrates are preservatives added to canned and processed foods, e.g. corned beef, hot dogs, sausage rolls, etc.

    Caffeine is a preservative added to soft drinks, gums, diet pills and pain relievers which could which could lead to a reduction in calcium, osteoporosis, infertility, birthdefects, miscarriage, depression, heart disease, insomnia, behavioural changes etc.

    Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil are found in vegetable shortening, some margarine, crackers, candies, baked goods, cookies, snack foods, salad dressings, etc. they could lead to breast cancer, heart diseases, colon cancer, etc.

    QUESTION: you ones said that everything we human beings eat is junk, how do you mean?


    ANSWER: There are hardly healthy natural diets now. Even the fishes in the river are corrupted with toxic acids from industrial chemicals; the crayfish, blackfish, etc., giving no much nutritional values as expected.

    The meats we eat have little or no nutrients in the body because when animals eat animals, they eat them raw grasping its entire nutrient, but we as humans cannot eat raw meat, so we cook out its nutrients.

    The vegetables in the farm and the land have also been contaminated by fertilizers which includes some other harmful chemicals in the body.

    QUESTION: How do these junk food (with preservatives) act to the body system?

    ANSWER: the above listed preservatives don’t just react in a day. It takes a combined and compiled effort, because every sickness suffered is as a result of what we eat. These compiled preservatives moves down to the leader which is an engine in the body and stresses it, causing arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, kidney and liver diseases, etc. in the body and making the body immune to all kinds of sicknesses.

    QUESTION: what diet would you suggests to those already suffering the consequences of junk food and who already are addicted to junk food as a lifestyle?


    ANSWER: I prescribe ‘vegetarian diet’ to everyone. Vegetarian diets are the most healthy and trustworthy diet sequence. They consist of vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, water, natural honey and other sugar sources.

    Patients of such effects should totally avoid junk and strictly adhere to the vegetarian dieting.

    QUESTION: What are your words to parents dieting their children?

    ANSWER: parents should refrains from giving sugary substances and junk food to their children. Such meals have after and present effects on them; restlessness, slow assimilation, dizziness and lots more.

    QUESTION: What are your final words on junk to everyone?

    ANSWER: everyone should check and be sure of what he eats for a meal before taking it.

    White beans, wheat flour, soya beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits and water should be a must take for everyone; vegetarian diet, to avoid the aftermath effects of junk food.


    QUESTION: thanks a lot Dr.Okam for this audience and opportunity, meeting with you and knowing all of this about junk food and its effect.

    ANSWER: oh, you are welcome.
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