Customs Arrests Armed Terrorists Disguised As Mourners

Discussion in 'General' started by Puah Omotueme, Oct 4, 2017.

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    The Seme district Command of the Nigeria Customs Service has declared the arrest of two men, Taofiq Oyewale and Segun Oyinola, who allegedly covered up a smuggled L450 Jeep with some posters of a dead man which made them seem as though they were on a burial parade.

    This arrest was announced on Tuesday by the Public Relations Officer of the command, Taupyen Selchang, said that this was a new strategy which the smugglers adopted to evade the operatives of NCS.

    According to the smugglers also used waste disposal truck as tool of disguise, adding that men of the command examined a waste disposal truck and found 534 pieces of used tyres.

    He said the two suspects that were apprehended in connection with the crime were undergoing questioning and prosecution by the legal department of the service.

    In the statement, the area controller, Seme Command, NCS, Mohammed Aliyu said that no amount of tricks set up by smugglers would be undetected by the officers.

    In addition, he said that implementing the policy put by the Federal Government on the ban of new and fairly used vehicles through the land border was a task, which must be done by officers of the command.

    He repeated that as an institution enforced by the policies of the government, the compliance of the ban on importation of new and fairly used vehicles through the land border which started on the 1st of January was yet in progress and would be continued.

    Aliyu cautioned smugglers to desist from using the Seme route, saying if not they would continue to count more loses behind bars when arrested and put on trial d to serve as limitations to others.

    The customs CAC also emphasized again, the need to pile up security along the border considering the level of security threats of illegal importation of arms through Nigerian’s sea ports.

    He also said that the border command was mapping out ways, deploying high level of intelligence and professional competence, fortifying the whole land border so as to foil all attempts of smuggling arms and other trans-border crimes into the country.

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