Five Nigerian Celebrities Born In 1960

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    Let’s take a look at the list of five Nigerian celebrities that were given birth to in the year we were granted freedom from the British Colony. These celebrities have proven their selves and they have been able to put Nigeria on the map with their achievements in their various fields.
    1. LAGBAJA, whose birth name is Bisade Ologunde was born in 1960 in Lagos State but he hails from, Oyun, Kwara State. He is a popular Afrobeat musician, instrumentalist and songwriter. The name LAGBAJA means “NOBODY IN PARTICULAR”. He is known for his style of dressing, using a mask to cover his face. The stage name and the mask symbolize the ‘common man’ on the street. His music is influenced by traditional Yoruba music and most often is always instrumental. He has numbers of albums and also an award to his credit.

    2. CHRISTY ESSIEN-IGBOKWE, she was a well-known musician and actress. She was born on 11th November 1960 in Okat, Akwa-Ibom state. Her role as ‘Akpenor’ in the popular show ‘The New Masquerade’ brought her to the limelight and in 1977 she ventured into music. This gave her the title ‘Nigeria’s Lady of Songs’ and she was the first female of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria. She has a list of albums and awards to her credit both local and international. She was well known for her song “Seun Rere’. Christy Igbokwe died on June 30, 2011.
    dele momodu.

    3. DELE MOMODU, born as Ayobamidele Abayomi Momodu on 16 May 1960. He is journalist/publisher, businessman, philanthropist and a motivational speaker. He is the CEO of Ovation International. A graduate of Yoruba from the University of Ife and also a master’s degree in English literature.


    4. BRIGHT CHIMEZIE, he was born on October 1st, 1960 in the eastern part of the country. He is a musician with his unique style of music known as ‘Zigima sound’. His genre of music became popular in the eastern part of the country around the 1980s.He has albums namely Great hits of Bright Chimezie and His zigima movement vol 2.

    5. TADE OGIDAN, he was born in July 1960 in Lagos State. He is a Nigerian Film and Television Screenwriter, Producer and Director. He did his National Youth Service Corps at the Nigerian Television Authority from 1982-1983. He later became a full-time Producer/Director at NTA channel 10 and a Continuity Announcer at NTA 2 channel 5, both in Lagos, Nigeria. He later left NTA to form a private company of his own “OGD PICTURES”. He has many movies to his credit, such as Diamond Ring, Dangerous Twins, and Madam Dearest etc most of which are multiple award winners both in and outside Nigeria.
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