My Relationship With Martini – Bryan Okwara

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    NOLLYWOOD actor and model, Bryan Okwara, has been explaining that his relationship with a leading brand of drink, Martini, goes beyond being its brand ambassador. Bryan Okwara According to the fair-complexioned actor, “I feel privileged because it is not just being ambassador for a brand but being ambassador for a brand that is interested in you as a human being. For me it is more like being a brand ambassador it is more like a family. I want people to know that my friendship with Martini is inborn in me. It is a brand that assures you that they are with you in whatever you are doing and it is very interesting and rare to see that. “Other brands that I have worked with, they are not really interested in what you do for a living. They just want you to speak about the brand and all that.

    Martini have hands in most of my projects like, Meet n Greet, my fans, they engage a lot of people around me and it brings me joy. Some friendships are more than money, they are priceless. With the relationship I have built with Martini, it is priceless. I will definitely remain with a brand that I know I have future with. “They are empowering me and other people that are going to be on that project so it is a bigger synergy and a more established friendship. So I am here because I am looking at more years, I am looking at the record we broke last year and the one we are going to break this year. It is not all about money but there is always money,” he said

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