Okupe Cautions Buhari Against War

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    The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to former president Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe cautioned the Federal Government (FG) against the use of force in resolving agitations in some parts of the country.

    He suggested that President Muhammadu Buhari could instigate a process of addressing such grievances in a well coordinated and official manner.

    Okupe expressed this view in an open letter addressed to the President, Buhari of which he made available to journalists at Abuja on Sunday.

    The former SSA said that history has proven that when agitations are real and genuine, they would eventually be resolved, either positively or negatively.

    According to him, the agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra, restructuring and resource control as products of genuine fears, supported by clinically-evident actions and inactions of government that needs to be addressed.

    Still on the note that the recent broadcast by President Buhari upon his return from a medical vacation did not help to calm frayed nerves and provide hope to the country, Okupe said “if Buhari must leave a legacy for himself and his administration, then he should increase and extend the scope of consultations nationally and try to adopt as well as employ new approaches in this world of rapid change”., he said.

    In the fight against revolt, the SSA advised the FG to set up additional 20,000 troops in the North-East within 90 days as well as leasing of fighter jets from friendly nations as a way of boosting the fighting power of the military.

    According to the SSA this plan will ensure that the war will not exceed the tenure of Buhari’s administration.

    He added in his exact words “This administration has a maximum of 16 to18 months of rain-free period for active construction. The FG should carefully select one or two major road projects that can be completed within the 18 months frame at each of the geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

    “At least In the South-West, the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is a star project which could be completed within the 18 months time frame. The government could either borrow or revert urgently to the financial model of PPP which exists prior to your administration’s takeover for funding. Similar projects in the three geopolitical zones in the North could also be looked out for, as well as executed it within this same period.” He said.

    He congratulated President Buhari on his health recovery and on his resumption to office.

    Okupe advised that president Buhari should use the rare opportunity offered to him by God to show gratitude and help the nation turn to the Creator, by making a deliberate declaration of days for thanksgiving in churches and mosques across Nigeria.
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