Oshiomhole Shuns Impeached Speaker Over State Cars

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Puah Omotueme, Aug 31, 2017.

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    Former Governor, Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has shorn-of giving the official vehicles attached to the Speaker of the state House of Assembly to the impeached Deputy Speaker, Mrs. Elizabeth Ativie, for her private use.

    This statement was made by Oshiomhole in an interview with journalists at the Iyamoh, Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo state. He advised the represented lawmaker of the Uhunmwode constituency to return the vehicles or face a criminal prosecution for alleged fraud and stealing.

    Ativie a former Speaker of the House before willingly swapping her position with her deputy, Dr Justin Okonoboh, to balance the structure of political power across the three senatorial districts in the state, through her lawyers that the House and the vehicles; a 2016 Lexus jeep, one Prado jeep and two Hilux vans, were given to her by the ex-governor for her personal use due to the sacrifice she made for the peace of the state.

    The female lawmaker, who was suspended for three months, said that she registered the vehicles in her name and she sold the Lexus jeep.

    According to the former Governor, “Ativie must return the vehicles and I believe that the government will follow the legal procedures to recover those vehicles, and if she has personalized them, she would be charged her for stealing.

    “Few days after the impeachment, I had a meeting incidentally with the members of the House, where I pointedly reminded her that she had to return those vehicles.

    “You should not be quick to forget that in everything that happens at the state, the governor is cause, whether he knows about it or not. Even for those who are aware that the governor does not know, just feel he should be blamed for everything.

    “At the eve of the governorship election, the House had all reasons to make a change which offset what we commonly refer to as the tripod. But once they made the change, the thing was either she resigned when the House realized that they agreed with the party that we needed to make an adjustment or they impeached the Speaker.

    “They were not ready to impeach her because they said it would not be fair to impeach her, though there was an argument based on the point that she is married to an Esan man and, therefore, by marriage, she is Esan. One of the concerns she raised is that now that she had the vehicles of the Speaker, if she had to resign and be made a Deputy Speaker, she would obviously not be entitled to those four vehicles.” He added.

    Oshiomhole also explained that an agreement was reached during the meeting that she could use the four vehicles as the deputy speaker just for her period of time in office.

    He noted, saying that the agreement did not mean that her successor would have four vehicles because the vehicles are solely for the office of the Speaker but “personal” to her as the deputy speaker.

    In his exact words “I am not in a position to give out government assets. The car that Governor Obaseki is using presently was one of my official cars. The one he is using in Abuja is the one I handed over. They are not my property. It is true that governors have powers but those powers are derived from the law; the limits of those powers are also well-specified in the law,” he explained.

    Oshiomhole stated in the letter alleged to have been personally signed for the transfer of the vehicles to the suspended lawmaker. In his exact words, “If it is anything done by me, I have told you what I did and I think it is very direct; I never wrote her a letter in the donation of government cars. I couldn’t have, because I don’t have such powers. I cannot donate cars belonging to the Edo State House of Assembly.” He insisted.
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