Peter Okoye Finally Sign Out From Psquare’s Contract And Chose A New Brand Mr.p

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    Peter Okoye ( Psquare) a twine elder brother of Paul Okoye, has finally taken another path.

    In his words, and according to the letter he sent to Barr. Festus Keyamo (SAN) he stated clearly that henceforth he cease to be among the Psquare group which comprises of Peter Okoye, Paul Okoye and Jude.


    It took me heaven and Earth to make this decision but I have to, because of some certain issues that can endanger human’s life. I and my family have been threatened on many occasions which I can no longer take as a common words because sometimes it had resulted to serious public fight. All my effort to make Psquare one body group seems abortive and it wasn’t just because of my fans alone but because I so much love my family and will like us to be in peace and unity, but since it seems all my hard work yields no positive result rather it exposes me and my family in more danger. However, it seems Paul is not willing to cooperate, because he has been cancelling our tour including the recent U.S tour without my consent and other show we were being booked, not enough he has also been accusing and threatening my wife and family of an unimaginable lies via social media platforms .

    So on, me and my wife have been receiving different threatening messages. Our life is no longer save so I can not further more in terms and condition governing Psquare’s group, because I wouldn’t like to jeopardized the wellbeing of myself and my lovely family.

    Jude, who has been taking every possible means to kill me, have once shoot my wife in presence of Paul and Ms. Imoke (former First lady of Cross River State).

    Recent years we all agreed to sign that Psquare belongs to Peter, Paul and Jude just for the sake of peace and due to concurrent threats.


    I have decided to use this medium to pull out of the group and contract, wishing my brothers Paul and Jude the very best in their careers. I love them and their families but my own family too is very much important. MY family comes first, So it is for the sake of life and future that I pulled myself from this Group and contracts.

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