The River Beauty

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    It was the first time Oscar and I crossed over a river bridge I was scared. I noticed the undeviating flow of the water. The flow was as consistent as the day. Despite the gruesomeness of our palms which made me detect the passage of blood through Oscar's vein, I shivered in fear.

    'Come on, walk up. You are safe'

    He said calmly as I sighed and Tiptoed my way through his steps. I feared the consistent rush of the water which flowed towards my direction, but under the bridge. I feared that swallowing me was its very course.

    At the moment, deep thoughts ran my mind; if a river could have such consistency in its focus of flowing in one direction in such a fast pace, then it is a lesson all human ought to learn from. A river's discipline and focus does not allow even the heaviest rock stand on its way. It penetrates the tiniest hole in the rock to snappily get to its destination.

    Surprisingly my thoughts brought me to an understanding of the fact that the destination of a river never ends; As the river keeps flowing, it gives way for more water to flow in, through the very direction. The river is always on a move; there is always an unending goal to reach. The river's drive and hard work gives way for more consistent flows which makes it not to run dry. With its drive to reach its goal in strength, target and time, it either swallows or penetrates blockage.

    'the lessons of consistency, focus and time management is one all human ought to learn. Yeah...'

    These words left my mouth in soliloquy As Oscar asked for a repeat of what I said.

    I smiled.
    I had wanted to say


    but I smiled again in the place of forget, to avoid him suspecting my words for I had known Oscar, to be an inquisitive guy. He always wants to know what you are thinking, why you are thinking what you are thinking and how you could think such a thought.

    So I said

    'well, in my observation of the flow of a river, it's consistency drives me to the conclusion that determination, focus and time management should be prioritized by everyone who aims at being relevant.

    'the river flows as though it has a course to fulfill. As though there is no time.

    'It's collective force is able to pull hindrances.'

    I explained in deep sincerity and concern, as Oscar added.

    'Despite the tumbling and forceful flow of the river, it never seeks to harm. It is friendly and always serves the needs of both the good and the bad; anyone could drink, swim, bath, wash and carry out any possible activity in the river without being swallowed.'

    The words which formed from Oscar's lips painted a feeling of concern, to the fact that people ought to make friends and work with people.

    Do not act violently in reaching your goals. Humans need flexibility; accept and communicate with people, because even the river is made of drops and with such the drops, it pursues a same goal, effectively.

    In a coarse voice which seemed Oscar choked, he said

    'I wish everyone could draw lessons from the amazing beauty and life of nature, for nature is Indeed a lesson to learn from'.

    Puah Omokhuale
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