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    Belanova industries limited which was incorporated in Nigeria in February 2015, with its registered office at 55A, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, has been commended by companies, organizations and families for its services.
    • They specialize in creating perfect designs in kitchens across a wide range of styles from traditional to modern, contemporary and classic.
    • They also procure kitchen components from trusted international partners, to give the best.
    • They yet manufacture certain components locally, and ramp up our domestic supply chain capabilities.
    • They install the finished design for end users, delivering fully functional and beautiful kitchens.
    • They have put together relationships with leading manufacturers to supply top range industrial and domestic appliances which includes:
    1. Inoxa: internal stainless steel accessories
    2. Electrolux: ovens, hobs, refrigerators, laundry, units, etc.
    3. Elica: hoods and professional air care products
    4. Ilve: professional cookers, hobs, ovens, hoods, microwaves etc.
    5. Smeg: cookers, ovens, hobs, hoods, dishwashers, etc.
    6. Franke: sinks, taps, ovens, hobs, refrigerators
    7. Elba: cookers, hobs, ovens, hoods, etc.
    8. Whirlpool: ovens, built -in refrigerators, dishwashers and Ariston products
    Belanova Industries have their product range spans across 6 core categories, which covers both domestic and industrial segments, such as Cooking equipment, Refrigerators and Freezers, Air Conditioners, Generators, Laundry Units, Cookware.

    Our product range spans across 6 core categories, covering both domestic and industrial segments which are:

    • Cooking equipment
    • Refrigerators and Freezers
    • Air Conditioners
    • Generators
    • Laundry Units
    • Cookware

    “We do not just create mind blowing kitchens and household appliances, but implement concepts that bring harmony to the home and foster family bonding. We believe that kitchens are the soul of the home”.

    They carry industrial and domestic models in all product categories. In addition to their core items, they carry light furniture (kitchen tables, chairs, and cabinetry), small A/V equipment, specialty lighting etc.

    Theygo beyond expectations to create innovative designs that fit the unique taste and desire of their customer. Executing seamless start to finish fittings & ambience with trained and enthusiastic professionals and ensure that satisfaction is offered to the home.

    Bespoke designs and models of customized kitchen sets, is in collaboration with LUBE Industries of Italy.

    They design, assemble and install customized kitchen solutions and are also increasing local manufacturing/assembly of other components.


    Address: 55 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.

    Phone: +234 909 685 3537
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