What Love Means To Me – Grace Ama

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    That Nollywood actress, Grace Ama is beautiful is not in doubt. It is also no secret that a lot of men out there have their eyes on her. Many would willingly pay any price to go on a date with her and even become her prince charming.

    However, the thespian, who is a single mother, has always kept her love life away from the public. Because of this, no one even knows what her ‘specs’ is when it comes to the kind of man she likes.


    However, speaking to Sunday Scoop, the actress unwittingly let the type of man that would get her bell ringing slip.

    To whom it may concern, the actress loves any man who has a heart for the needy and less privileged.

    “Some of my most memorable experiences are the times I celebrated with indigent people. Indeed, many years ago, going out with my guy and friends was what I considered a perfect date. That was during my earlier days as a young lady still in school. Years later, having taken time to reflect on the true meaning of love, I realised it is more about caring for our neighbours and providing for those in need,” she said.

    Speaking further, she said, “The most memorable gifts I have ever received are donations of bags of rice and other types of food items for presentation to the less privileged ones. I like a man who has the fear of God and is passionate about helping indigent people. To me, that’s the true definition of love. Whatever God has blessed you with is for you to help others.”

    Meanwhile, the actress celebrated her birthday during the week and she got a lot of goodwill messages from her colleagues in the industry
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